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      5 Ways We Reuse + Upcycled Fabric Scraps

      5 Ways We Reuse + Upcycled Fabric Scraps

      1 - Handbags 

      We love making accessories out of fabric scraps! Above is a photo of a small handbag made by our intern Lakiya! This handbag was made from several different scraps of denim jeans. Each one is completely unique and original! 

      2- Patches

      Patches are such a fun and easy way to re-use scraps, especially small scraps that can't be used for a pattern! These smiley face patches are a great example of how we use small denim strips to create textured patches. 

      3 - Pockets 


      Pockets are always an interesting way to jazz up a basic top. We love using our t-shirt scraps to make pockets! Check out the video of the upcycled pockets we made for India Solomon's latest drop. The pockets feature her artwork turned into embroidery for a thoughtful detail added to the garments. We love using the tee scraps because they're already finished on a cover stitch, so they make any upcycled pocket look instantly polished! 

      4 -Trendy Tops



      This pattern was made from one of our old tank tops we traced and graded! What's great about the panels is that you can mix and match different scraps to create a completely one-of-a-kind garment. We will be making these paneled tops all summer long! 

      5 - Scrunchies

      One of our absolute favorite ways to upcycled scraps is to turn them into scrunchies! It's a great way to salvage the last bits of scrap!

      This week we're celebrating Earth Week by giving out FREE upcycled scrunchie with any in-store purchase over $25! 

      How do you reuse and upcycle in your life?