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      “Do Good, Not Sorry” 

      This simple mantra underscores our mission at Not Sorry - do good things & leave the earth a better place. 

      We are committed to continually evolving, learning and giving back through these guiding principles: 

      > Transparency - sharing more of our processes and more of ourselves

      > Authenticity - being true to ourselves and celebrating others for expressing their most authentic selves

      > Expanding community initiatives - working strategically with other businesses & community partners to provide education, accessibility and resources in an equitable way

      > Enhancement of processes, materials & sourcing - improving sustainability efforts & creating sustainable solutions

      > Inclusivity - growing our diverse workforce & continuing our commitment to create for all shapes & sizes

      At Not Sorry Goods, we celebrate individuality and are committed to inclusivity.
      All people are valued inclusive of their race, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression. ✌️