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“Do Good, Not Sorry” 

This simple mantra underscores our mission at Not Sorry - do good things & leave the world a better place. 

We are committed to continually evolving, learning and giving back through these guiding principles: 

> Transparency - sharing more of our processes and more of ourselves

> Authenticity - being true to ourselves and celebrating others for expressing their most authentic selves

> Expanding community initiatives - working strategically with other businesses & community partners to provide education, accessibility and resources in an equitable way

> Enhancement of processes, materials & sourcing - improving sustainability efforts & creating sustainable solutions

> Inclusivity - growing our diverse workforce & continuing our commitment to create for all shapes & sizes

At Not Sorry Goods, we celebrate individuality and are committed to inclusivity.
All people are valued inclusive of their race, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression. ✌️ 

♻️ Our Sustainable Practices ♻️

We take pride in consciously reducing our eco-footprint by practicing sustainability in our sourcing, production, shipping, inventory & operations processes. 

  Eco-friendly Apparel
Balancing accessibility, inclusivity & eco-friendly all at once! We look for brands that use recycled materials in their fabric content and have inclusive sizing. From organic cotton to recycled polyester, we are always re-evaluating garment sourcing to ensure that the qualities of earth-friendly, affordable and inclusive are being met. 
  Upcycled Vintage & Deadstock
We love scouring our local donation centers for unique pieces and vintage finds. We wash, repair and prepare them for some ✨textile magic.✨ Each item is creatively transformed and given a new life. 
"Make only what you need"
In an order to avoid excess, we only make what we absolutely need. What this means we don't have piles of floor-ready inventory lying around. We consciously create each piece and each order. All orders are made-to-order but ship out within 3-5 business days. Because we print, embroider, crop & sew everything in-house we are able to provide highly customizable products but with a quick turnaround.

In our effort to close the manufacturing loop, we recycle every scrap of material in our production process. Many of our accessories are made from t-shirt & sweater scraps that are turned into cute things like scrunchies, make-up remover cotton squares and patches. When a scrap is too small to use for anything, we put them in our big collection bin and send to a textile recycling facility where they are turned into fibers for new garments or used for insulation. This means less fabric ending up in landfills.

Eco-friendly material packaging
We use eco-mailers that are 100% recyclable and all of our marketing materials are made of recycled paper. We also save packaging that we get to use for orders that contain fragile items. We even save all of our thread spools and discarded embroidery thread to use for art projects and home décor! 
Ethically sourced goods
The brands we carry are either local or sourced in an ethical way! We have a personal relationship with our local brands and pick up directly from the makers. Our partners from across the country are ethically sourced via Faire and fall into at least one of the following categories: eco-friendly, woman-owned, queer-owned, black-owned and Not on Amazon.