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      Not Sorry Goods is an inclusive & sustainable fashion brand for people who are not sorry for being themselves. With a focus on eco-friendly materials & locally-sourced goods, we are stitching together creative & sustainable solutions to combat the growing global waste & pollution problem. 

      Our Story

      Co-founders Dy-Min Johnson and Jessica Minnick met at a kick boxing class. After sparring it out, they quickly bonded over mutual interests and found inspiration in one another. Their friendship blossomed into a business when an inside joke sparked a simple idea for a bad-ass crop top design, and eventually led way to the creation of the Not Sorry brand.

      We realized that we were done saying sorry for who we are, so we created a brand to empower us and others to be true to themselves.
      — Co-Founders Dy-Min Johnson & Jessica Minnick

      Learn more about the Not Sorry Ethos here.